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Ghost Sighting in Haunted Self Storage Facility

Ghost Sighting in Haunted Self Storage Facility

British Self-Storage facility Famous for being Haunted

As the manager of The Storage Inn Self Storage in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey, I get to hear many stories about the storage industry, but I have never heard of a haunted storage facility, until now…..

I seems that the Armadillo Self Storage facility in Sheffield, England, is one of the 10 most haunted sites in the city according to local newspaper “The Star” and Steel City Ghost Tours, a local tour group. The property at 79 West Bar was originally the site of an old movie theater that was later converted to storage rental space. Witnesses claim to have seen an apparition known as Mr. Porter as well as projector lights. Others claim to have heard the projector equipment running, and feeling its vibrations even though the old projector room is empty.

The activity was most prevalent during building renovations, including a sighting of Mr. Porter, who is believed to have been a theater attendant in the theater’s glory days.. In that instance, two electricians saw a man walk past where they were working, and into an upstairs restroom. One of the workers followed the man up the stairs to tell him that the area was closed, and to ask him why he was there. When the electrician got to the bathroom, the man had vanished.


Armadillo staff also reported seeing flashing white lights coming from the old projector room, even though the room was empty. At one point, an old apprentice of Mr. Porter’s was invited to the building, During his visit  the man asked if the workers were running the old projectors because he could feel the vibrations on the floor. Told the room was empty, he insisted on looking inside. When the group stood outside the door, they could reportedly hear the projector running. When they opened the door, the noise stopped. The room had been completely demolished by a fire  earlier in the week.

There are still reports, from time to time, of Mr. Porter roaming the halls, and the projectors vibrating the floor. It makes me wonder, if many years from now, I might not be seen roaming the grounds of The Storage Inn in Southern New Jersey, in my little yellow golf cart.  Who knows – it could happen.

Storage Inn Tips For Reorganizing Your Storage Stuff

Storage Inn Tips For Reorganizing Your Storage Stuff

Time to organize your storage unit

Today is the day!  You cleared the afternoon schedule, took the key out of the junk drawer, and you’re ready to head to the local self storage facility to finally clean out and reorganize your storage unit. You’ve been meaning to do this for months, but are finally getting around to it today… So you hop in the car, drive to the storage facility, throw open the door, and think “OMG –  I can’t believe that I left it like this!” Boxes torn open and left half empty, sweat shirts hanging from old lamps, and a pile of something that you don’t even recognize shoved in the corner.
How did our storage unit end up like this? At this point you’re saying to yourself “I’m sure I had everything organized when I moved in, and I’m pretty sure I invested in a storage place to AVOID clutter.” Well, it’s time to get back on track, and get organized with a storage plan!  

The Storage Inn of Egg Harbor Township and Ocean City has put together some tried and true planning tips for organizing your storage space. 


Plan your Work – Work your Plan

The Three Categories of Clutter
Before you begin your work, set up three areas – one for items that you will keep, one for items that you will donate, and one for items that you simply need to throw away. If you’re confined to working within your storage unit or the area immediately outside your unit, you’ll have a space limitation. Instead of pulling all of your belongings out at once, you’ll probably be more successful pulling out a packing box or two at a time and making decisions before moving on.

Repack Smart
As you repack, check to make sure that all of your storage boxes are full. Full boxes stack much more easily than half filled boxes, and are less likely to crush under the weight of the moving boxes above them. Converting your storage solution to plastic tubs can make this process even easier. Label all of the boxes or bins in your storage space clearly, and leave a small area to walk through your unit, if possible, to facilitate access throughout the year. Place the boxes or items that you are most likely to need throughout the year, close to the entrance, or at the top of the stack – planning ahead can really pay off.


Ask the Pros!
Stop in and visit the staff here at The Storage Inn – We’ve probably dealt with the situation you may be dealing with, and would be happy to help you reach an ideal storage solution. Keep in mind, most storage facilities have moving and packing supplies onsite that are designed to make your job easier. And if you’re in need of a few extra boxes, packing tape, or packing material while you’re doing your repacking at your storage unit, just walk on over to the front office to update your packing supplies.  

Patty Ernst, the manager at our Storage Inn self-storage in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, recommends sizing up the items in your unit, and then taking a minute to visit the Storage Inn’s office store. “We carry many items in our store that can help our customers organize, or reorganize their storage space. We carry a wide variety of boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and even have kits specially made for storing dishes and glasses. For the ultimate in organization, we can even provide you with storage unit shelving that will fit against the walls of your storage area, and don’t forget the mattress and furniture covers!”

Hopefully these tips will help you to get your storage unit well organized once again –  remember, a place for everything, and everything in its place. Now go git’er done!