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Top 5 Reason We Keep So Much Stuff

Americans love to keep “stuff”. As the manager at The Storage Inn of Egg Harbor Township New Jersey this is something that I can attest to firsthand!

Our self-storage customers love to keep their “stuff”. Many items definitely get used again, but some will not be — so why do we keep these extra items? 

A recent survey asked that question and 94% of the people had surprisingly similar answers. The top 5 reasons that people say they keep too much extra stuff are.

1. “I might need it sometime”

I have a friend who has a storage unit that includes a box of size 30 jeans. He is currently a 36 inch waist. He is in his 50’s, and does not exercise.  He will never need those jeans again!

2. “Sentimental Value”

I can certainly understand storing items of sentimental value — photos, awards, family heirlooms, etc. Sometimes we feel that we are discarding our fond memories of the past and don’t want to let them go.

3. “I’m going to sell it “

A friend of mine has a pile of stuff stored in one corner of his garage that he has kept for years with the intention of selling it. These items include a punch bowl set,  a VHS tape rewinder, and a rooftop TV antenna. The best salesman in the world could not sell these items!

4. “Feeling guilty”

Even though they’ll never use it, some people feel guilty discarding items that might be best thrown away. We’ve all seen the tv shows highlighting extreme cases of hoarders keeping too much stuff. Sometimes, it can be liberating to detach yourself from items that you no longer need.

5. “I can use it as a gift “

This is a great one — re-gifting! New or unopened items that you have no desire to keep for yourself, but somehow think that a friend or family member would be thrilled to receive as a gift.

There you have it, the top 5 reasons people say they keep too much stuff. So then, if you’re like 94% of everyone else out there, who loves to keep extra stuff, just because, stop by The Storage Inn because we would be more than happy to help you with all your storage needs!