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Secret Self-Storage Network Used by Santa Claus Unravels After Videos Surface


Santa Claus on Self-Storage Security Video***By

Santa Self-Storage Network

With Christmas quickly approaching, people expect to see Santa Claus at malls, toy stores or maybe even their local library—anywhere children typically go to see the jolly old elf. What we wouldn’t expect to see during the holiday season is Santa at a self-storage facility, which is why recent video footage of a man many believe is the real Santa has folks in the industry buzzing. Could it be that Santa uses a Self-Storage Network to stash gifts and ease his cargo loads?

The mystery (some say controversy) began when someone posted cell-phone footage showing a white-bearded man wearing red pants and suspenders running away from a storage unit. Most people discounted the video as a cheap joke or misunderstanding, speculating it was a mall Santa who simply didn’t want to be seen. Those thoughts changed, however, when leaked security footage showed the same bearded man present at multiple facilities across the country, all within several hours of each other.

As the videos surfaced, eyewitnesses started to come forward. One woman reported seeing Santa during a late-night visit to her storage unit. A number of storage operators have given credence to the Santa sightings after admitting they were approached by associates from the North Pole who wanted to rent units during the Christmas season to help with gift delivery. Negotiations reportedly fell through due to Santa’s high demands.

Santa Claus on Self-Storage Security Video***Now an elf, using the name “Pickle” to conceal her true identity, has given an interview confirming the existence of Santa’s secret storage units as well as the list of demands that prompted facility operators to cut ties with Santa’s Christmas Eve operation. Known as the “12 Conditions of Christmas,” the storage clauses include turning off security cameras ahead of Santa’s arrival, the use of climate-controlled units for storing gifts, and even a requirement for operators to have pine-scented beard oil on hand for Santa’s visit.

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Storage Space Rental Tips for During Renovations

Storage Space Rental Tips for During Renovations

We all know someone who has camped out in spare rooms during a renovation project, or lived through the burden of household/office disorder.

Storage space rental options are one option for helping ease the pain, hassle and clutter often associated with refurbishments.

There’s been a resurgence of residential and commercial renovations recently, perhaps due to tighter belts and a steady stream of inspiring DIY TV shows. But with all this spending how do you reduce your overall costs to put money back in your wallet?

You can clear up space around work zones and protect your possessions by putting household or office items into a storage space rental during renovations. There’s also the time and money-saving factor associated with self storage as freeing up space means trades-people can move around more easily and get the job done faster.

If you do decide to store, here’s a list of tips to help you stay on top of things.

Box up your stuffStorage Space Rental in Ventnor | Atlantic County Self Storage

Not only will this protect your valuables but it’ll make the shifting process much easier. Some self storage companies will offer a loading service, where your packed boxes are loaded into the container by a professional. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Invest in quality

You want your goods to come out as they went in and you’ll get what you pay for. Choose a reputable company known for its quality service level. Ask your friends or family for advice and read customer reviews and testimonials online.

Have a realistic budget and time frame

People often underestimate how long a renovation project will take. You need to account for roadblocks and curve balls rationally to save yourself stress and money Sit down and calculate the start-to-end job and ask for free quotes from professional self storage vendors.

The trick to ensuring your goods are protected from dust, debris and theft is to make sure your belongings are kept in a safe and secure facility.

I suggest opting for a company that operates using state-of-the-art alarm systems, CCTV monitors and security staff for reassurance. The control of pest and vermin should also be factored in to safeguard your goods from damage. Finally, you should consider insurance for added security, especially if your items are precious or irreplaceable.

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20 Moving Day Hacks


Moving day box representing movers and packaging for a move from one home to another

Moving Day Hacks

Moving day is right around the corner and you’ve made preparations accordingly. Now that it’s getting closer and closer to moving day, keep some of these moving day hacks in mind to make the process smoother.

  1. Wrap a couple layers of moving wrap tightly around your utensil organizer with the utensils still inside. This works for make-up and accessory organizers as well!
  2. Pack spices inside a crock pot to keep them all together.
  3. Take clothes straight from your closet into a wardrobe box. Leave the hanger on!
  4. Put cotton balls in your make-up compacts to prevent them from breaking during the move.
  5. Use moving wrap to cover shampoo bottles to prevent spillage.
  6. Use boxes with handles for easy lifting.
  7. Use sandwich bags for small items such as earrings or screws.
  8. Cell kits and cushion foam will keep your dishware safe during the move.
  9. Hire movers for extra help, especially if there is heavy furniture to be moved.
  10. Try the Purge While Packing system. Keep a donation box nearby to throw in anything you no longer want.
  11. Make up for some of those moving expenses and have a yard sale before moving day.  This will get rid of the stuff you aren’t planning on bringing to your new place.
  12. For seasonal items, use space bags to create more room.
  13. Use a bar of soap to fill in nail holes.
  14. Bubble wrap should be used for all fragile items such as antiques and pottery.
  15. Make your last grocery trip two weeks before your move.
  16. Start defrosting your refrigerator two weeks before your move.Source –