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Tips for Renting your Summer Home

Tips for Renting your Summer Home


By Jerry Brown

So you have finally achieved your childhood dream of owning a beach house – congratulations! Now comes the realization that you and your family cannot spend the whole year, or even every weekend at the beach, given your family’s various social and sporting obligations. If you own a second home, it may be time to consider renting the space for profit. You could make some extra money when you are not using the property for your own purposes. According to Kiplinger, many owners of second houses rent the space to alleviate some of the pressure of a second mortgage. Here are some tips for renting your vacation house.
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The Price is Right

Price appropriately for the time of year. If you have a home where the peak tourist season is during the summer, that’s when you can charge the most money. Check out the local market to get a feel for current rental fees. Lower your price in the off season. If the object is to generate income, a rental at a lower rate is better than no rental at all.

Go Local

Give your renters the “local experience”. Call your local restaurants, marinas, water parks, amusement parks, movie theaters and arcades for discount or free coupons to add to your vacation package.  They will welcome the business and be excited to throw in freebies – anything to get more sales.


Find out about your guests background and interests prior to their stay. You can customize your home to fit their needs. If you are renting to a family with a baby, you may want to provide a crib. Beach towels, suntan lotion and sunburn ointment is a nice touch for a beach house.

Keep it Clean

Research shows that renters, who have a good experience, will return to the same property multiple times. After each rental, you will want to ensure the house is in tip-top condition for either you or the next paying tenants. Ask for recommendations for good cleaning services from your realtor and local acquaintances.

Store your Stuff

When renters pay good money for a place to spend their vacation, they want to feel a sense of (temporary) ownership. Don’t let your personal items get in the way. Rent a storage unit from a local storage facility, and keep your items out of the way while tenants are living in the space. Check with the locals, or other seasonal resident for self-storage suggestions. A good manager will be happy to help you find a unit to fit your needs. Head to the nearest storage space rental location today – Happy Renting!

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Green Self-Storage

Green Self-Storage

By Jerry Brown

The visual Image generated by the thought of self-storage is usually that of identical buildings, with row upon row of identical garage doors. Pretty boring, right? But beneath that none-too-exciting exterior, storage facilities are the perfect testing grounds for new “green self-storage technologies”.

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Green self-storage

Green, eco-friendly buildings can use one-third less energy than standard buildings, and self storage facilities are the perfect testing grounds for energy conservation. The typical self-storage configuration of flat roofed buildings makes the installation of solar panels a no brainer for the owner considering going green. Solar energy not only replaces the use of energy created by fossil fuels, but can also reduce energy costs to the facility, which could then be passed on to the consumer. A win/win for everyone involved!

Beyond green energy, storage facility owners are increasingly considering the wider environmental impacts of their businesses. Most have rules against storing any substance that, if allowed to spill or leak into storm drains, could pose a hazard to the environment. Many require tenants to use specified recycle areas for disposal of certain types of items or materials. Simple changes like the movement toward energy efficient lighting triggered by motion detectors can be a great, yet sometimes overlooked, energy saver. Greg Meckel, owner of The Storage Inn located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, spoke about green self-storage. “As a company, we strive to be more environmentally friendly everyday from our use of solar panels, to upgraded LED lighting and the use of organic cleaners.”

As many businesses continue to move toward more green practices and consumers show preference for more and more green products, storage facilities will undoubtedly continue to follow suit.

In addition to Egg Harbor Township The Storage Inn serves towns in the area such as Ocean City, Absecon, Atlantic City, Galloway, Pleasantville, Ventnor,Mays Landing, Somers Point and others.

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Choosing Safe Self-Storage

By Jerry Brown

 So you are running out of space for your extra tools, and the wife would really love it if you got your motorcycle out of her gardening shed. You need a self-storage unit!  So just go find the cheapest facility, throw a lock on it and be done, right?  Not exactly – your tools and bike are worth more than a few bucks, and you wouldn’t want them in a facility that looks inviting to would be criminals, would you? You need to think like a crook, and choose the place that your criminal alter ego would take one look at, and decide to pass by because it is just too risky.  So what do you look for?  Here are some tips designed to help you find safe self-storage.

Finding Safe Self-Storage
Safe Self-Storage in Ocean City

Curb Appeal – A facility that looks clean, with nice signage, that’s well lit and landscaped, sends up red flags for a would be criminal. In his mind, there just has to be an easier gig than this!

Resident Manager – Imagine a burglar pulling up to a facility and seeing a house or apartment adjoining the rental office, an extra mailbox out front, and lights on at night.

Lighting and 24 hour surveillance –  Nothing deters a thief more effectively than a well lit area. Combine that with visible security cameras and motion detectors, and you have a safe self-storage area that is just too risky .

Secured Property – Look for a facility that has a heavy duty security gate (yes, believe it or not there are some that don’t) and that can only be accessed with a personalized security code. The property should also be completely  fenced in and secure.

Yard support crew / activity –  A  sense of community and interaction between management and  tenants shows the would be crook that this is a place where people look out for each other, and do not turn a blind eye to unusual activity.

So generally speaking, a clean, well kept, well staffed facility is usually a safe facility. If self-storage becomes necessary, and the items that you are storing have value, be it monetary or sentimental, use these tips to help you choose a facility that will put your mind at ease. Your wife will thank you!

Basement Clean-out  brings back Family Memories


Basement Clean-out  brings back Family Memories
By Jerry Brown

 It was not the way that my brothers, my sister and I wanted to spend our weekend. Our octogenarian parents had recently decided to sell the family home and downsize to a senior community with limited storage space. So we found a reputable self-storage facility and prepared to sift through the multitude of boxes and household items accumulated in the basement and attic. It was a daunting task that took two days. What we didn’t anticipate was the flood of great family memories that would be unearthed that weekend.


  During our basement clean-out we found boxes and boxes of old black and white photos, baby pictures, and photos of the four of us with our very young parents, and grandparents. We found boxes of of home movies – you know, the ones that Dad thought that we should all watch every time we had company to the house. Old Greeting cards, and letters, even some pictures of our parents as high school sweethearts! Pictures of our grandfather in uniform looking like a 1950’s movie star – he had served in two wars and in two branches of the military. But by far the most touching thing that we found was the box of letters and cards that our parents had given to each other over the years.  Love letters, Birthday, Christmas and Anniversary cards – even some pencil drawings that Dad had made for Mom.They met in 1952 at the Teen Club in Philadelphia, fell in love, and never looked back. Two people who have loved one another for over 60 years, raised a family, and still going strong at eighty plus. How fitting that we were doing this on Valentine’s Day weekend!

 All of these memories realized by undertaking the unenviable task of cleaning out the basement. Well they are carefully boxed now and ready to go to the local self storage facility, but what started as a chore, ended as a wonderful trip back in time.  So go ahead and get organized. Clean out the attic, the basement, and that old junk closet. You never know what memories you might find!

Home Staging and Self-Storage

Home Staging & Self-Storage
Jerry Brown

Home staging, or the practice of removing personal items and decorating a home for sale to improve its perceived value, is becoming more popular than ever in today’s market. This is where real estate meets interior decoration. “Staging” is a smart way to get the property sold more quickly and at the best possible price.

Most realtors work with one or more home staging firms, but it’s also possible to do the job yourself, especially if you a flair for decor and/or want to save money. Either way, self-storage is going to be essential to the process. De-cluttering is the first, and most important step toward staging a home This means your personal collections, family photos,  and any “unique” furniture has got to go. You can still live in your home during staging, but empty it out as much as possible. This is where self-storage comes into play

Home staging is all about allowing potential buyers to envision the home with their own furniture, family photos, and personal items in each room. Making your home look neutral and spacious to potential buyers is the key. Keeping personal artifacts out of view and minimizing the “lived in look” better allows potential buyers to use their imagination. Make sure everything is clean and fresh, particularly in the kitchen and baths. Plug in air fresheners are a great touch!.

Replacing outdated wall coverings can also be important – replace old paneling or wallpaper with a fresh coat of neutral color paint. This will freshen the rooms, as will sheer curtains that let in as much natural light as possible during open house. Tell a story for the purpose of each room. For example, that spare room you’ve been using for storage, might be staged as a neat home office. Use the remaining furniture to section off wide open spaces – position the couch so its back is to the dining area.

Remember that exterior curb appeal is just as important as the interior, and could make-or-break a home shopper’s first impression of your home. Spruce up your porch and backyard deck, and ensure all landscaping is tidy.

Keep in mind that potential buyers will surely open your closets, so a strategy of stuffing everything you want to hide from other rooms into the closets isn’t going to fly. This is Self-storage homestaging. If you don’t need an item for day-to-day life, store it during this transitional time. the silver lining may be that living in a organized, de-cluttered environment might just inspire you to keep things that way in your new home.