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Self-Storage tips for Bedding

Self-Storage tips for Bedding

Have you ever driven by a self-storage facility and wondered what could be behind those rows  and rows of doors?  More often than not, it is a collection of boxes, Tupperware tubs, furniture, accessories, and bedding. Most of these items are relatively easy to store – stack the boxes, cover the furniture, etc.,  but storing a mattress and box spring can present certain challenges.  Here are some tips to follow when storing mattresses and /or box springs.

Let it Breathe
Give your mattress a good airing out before you put it into storage. Do this by leaving the mattress without any sheets on it for 2 or 3 days.  Mattresses naturally absorb moisture when people sleep on them –  this process will help to prevent mold and mildew while in storage.

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The Big Cover-up
Once your mattress and box spring are aired out,  they should be covered before storing.  Your local self storage facility will most likely have mattress and box spring covers, or boxes available for purchase. Adding an anti moisture product, such as silica packets, or Damp Check,  can help to prevent mold and mildew.

Laying your Bedding to Rest
The ideal way to store a mattress is with it laying flat, but elevated off the ground. This is not always possible, or practical when dealing with the limitations of self storage space.  The next best method is to  place pallets on the floor and sit your mattress and box spring on end, leaning against the wall with his little angle as possible. You may even want to store other items so that they prop your mattress and box spring flat against the wall, or at a 90 degree angle.

If you have any other questions, stop into the office of your local self storage facility. I’m sure that the staff there will be more than happy to help you. Happy storing!


Become a Garage Sale Guru

Become a Garage Sale Guru

I love garage sales!  I currently own 200 garages, and plan to buy more… Hahaha, just kidding ! We all know that a garage sale is actually just a way to get rid of the unwanted items from your garage basement or other storage area, but we couldn’t very well call it a “stuff we don’t want sale”, now could we? I have been to hundreds of garage sales in my lifetime. I know people who own self storage space just to hold the items that they have bought at garage sales  When it comes to garage sales, there are good ones and bad ones. Here are a few tips to help you make sure that yours is a great one!

Don’t Call it a “ Garage Sale” – A garage sale is okay, but doesn’t a yard sale, estate sale, or tag sale, sound more appealing?

Timing is everything – Garage Salers like to get started early, so start your sale at 7 or 8 AM to attract those early birds. Another good tip is to have it around the 15th or the 30th of the month, to attract those folks that get paid bi-weekly .

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Advertise –  Newspapers are great, but don’t forget Craigslist and Facebook for advertising your sale. Make signs for around the neighborhood, but don’t forget to make the print large enough to read from an automobile.,  Be sure to use heavy duty poster board, or even wood, to be sure that they last throughout the day.

Curb appeal  – Yes, presentation matters! Don’t just throw all your stuff in a pile on the front yard or the driveway! Most yard salers do a slow drive-by, before deciding whether or not to stop and shop. Have your items displayed nicely on tables or blankets. Be sure to have some large items visible to passersby –  you may even want to  display a few large items that you don’t really expect to sell, but that will draw attention from the street. you can add to your curb appeal by asking your neighbors if they have anything that they would like to include in your cell. when it comes to yard sales, the bigger the better!

The Price Is Right – If you item to sell!  Sure, that lamp might be worth a lot more than $3, but do you really want it sitting in your garage for another two years?  You carried everything out there with the intention of not having to carry it back in again – try to make sure that that happens! Nothing wrong with an end of day liquidation sale either – many yard salers expect this, and will take their chances and wait.

Little things mean a lot – Having some old newspapers for wrapping, and recycled shopping bags handy is a nice touch. I have even been to some garage sales that have coffee or a cold drink to offer their shoppers!

Be a business owner – It may only be for one or two days, but for this period of time, you are a business owner! Act like one – greet your customers, start conversations, compliment them on their clothes or vehicle.  People like to buy from friendly people!

Fun Fact –  An average of 690,000 people buy at garage sales every week, with weekly revenue from garage sales totaling about $4.2 million

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your share of that 4.2 million dollars, And don’t forget to say hello if you see me. I’ll be the guy wearing the $2 Hawaiian shirt, and the 50 cent sunglasses – Happy Selling!

Storing your Historic Documents and Other Files in a Local Self Storage Facility

Storing your Historic Documents & Other Files in Local Self Storage

Happy Birthday America! Independence Day is here, along with hot dogs, hamburgers, the beach, cold beer, and fireworks  –  but what is this holiday really about?  To find out, let’s do what all proud Americans would do to answer this question – Google it!  According to Google, July 4th, or Independence Day  is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, by the Continental Congress declaring that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation. So where is the original Declaration of Independence stored now?  Let’s start with where it’s been.

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During the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence was rolled up like an old road map, and toted around from town to town for the people of this great country to view – (these guys could have used a lesson in document storage). Less understandable is the haphazard way in which it was stored after the Revolutionary War. Water was spilled on it while it was being copied in 1823. It was even tacked up on the wall at the U.S. Patent Office for about 40 years, where it was subjected to a strong northern light causing it to fade permanently. In 1903 it’s curators finally decided that maybe it  would be a good idea to get it out of the sunlight. It wasn’t until 1951 that the first modern preservation efforts began.

Today the Declaration of Independence is displayed in a case made of titanium and bullet proof, light filtering glass, filled with inert argon gas.


So how do you store your important documents?  Well, good news – You don’t need a titanium, bulletproof, argon filled case. All you need is a file cabinet!  And for those files that you need to keep handy for years to come, such as tax returns, bank and credit card statements,and medical and Insurance records, you may want to consider renting some space at your local self storage facility. A small rented storage space can provide you with a clean secure space to store your document for easy retrieval when needed.   Document storage tip  –  organize and place your documents in file folders, inside a cardboard file box. Place the cardboard file box inside of a sealed plastic tub with the contents clearly labeled on the side of the container. They’re not The Declaration of Independence, but they may be important some day. Gotta go – the fireworks are starting!