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Moving Truck Packing Tips

The dog days of summer are still here at The Storage Inn in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey, but that hasn’t slowed down the number of people renting storage units and moving into the best storage spaces in Atlantic County!

One of the many reasons residents choose The Storage Inn is because we offer free rental truck or rental van use when you rent a storage unit. We also offer non-tenants, affordable moving truck and moving van rentals.

Renting, packing, and driving a moving truck is a daunting task for many people and a good packing plan is key. Here are a few Storage Inn packing tips to help make your moving day easier!

Be prepared – In order to do a safe and efficient job of packing your moving truck, you’ll need the items below. Most of these are available at your local moving truck rental store, or local self storage facility, like The Storage Inn!

Hand truck and dolly – These are a must for moving heavier items around the inside of the moving truck as well as loading and unloading.

Furniture pads, bungee cords, packing tape, and stretch wrap – Use the furniture pads and stretch wrap to protect your items. The bungee cords and packing tape can be used to keep doors and drawers closed as well as secure your items in general which prevents them from shifting while the truck is moving. 

Boxes – Your local self storage facility should have a variety of moving
boxes available, including some made specifically for packing fragile items like dishes and glasses. Most also have wardrobe boxes to help make moving the contents of closets easier.

Remember to… Keep items such as a small tool kit, overnight items, or extremely fragile items in the truck cab.

Disassemble furniture – Remove legs from chairs and tables where possible. Pull drawers from dressers and cabinets to make them lighter when handling. Reinsert them once you’ve put them into the moving truck or van. 

Visualize – If possible, place as many of your furniture items as you can on the ground outside of the moving truck before loading. This will help you to visualize how the items might best fit into the truck.

Heaviest items first – Be sure to load heavy items such as appliances, file cabinets and boxes of books toward the front of the trailer, nearest thecab. Distribute the weight as evenly as possible because this will help to give you the safest conditions for driving your rental truck. Keep in mind that you are also packing floor-to-ceiling. Place your heavier items on the bottom, while saving lighter items for the top.

Box and Label – Boxes pack and stack best with other boxes. Clearly label your boxes to make sorting and stacking organized. Pack heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter ones at the top.

Summary – Be aware of how your items are packed, and how they might react to a rough ride.  Use furniture pads and stretch wrap to protect your items, as well as bungee cords, and/or packing tape to secure everything for the ride. Use your pillows, blankets, and cushions to fill in the dead spots between items. Your goal should be to arrange your items so that they are as close to one solid piece as possible. Think of your items as pieces to a jigsaw puzzle – solve the puzzle, and enjoy the ride!