Preparing your Dorm for Winter Break


Now that students have returned from Thanksgiving break, it is time to buckle down and study for finals. For college students everywhere, this time of year is notorious for late-night study sessions, extreme spending at local coffee shops and paper-writing marathons.

After the final exam is taken and the last paper submitted, it’s time to move back home. However, students everywhere should prepare their dorm rooms for the month-long vacancy.

If you are a college student approaching the sweetness of winter break, follow these tips to make sure you can go home in peace and celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones:


Store Valuables over the Break

If you are nervous about any of your belongings remaining in the dorm room over your break, consider keeping them in a Self Storage unit. Televisions, cherished memorabilia or other items you want to keep safe can easily be kept in a storage unit while you are away.

The Storage Inn  provides an affordable selection of storage units near local colleges and universities.

Unplug All Electronics

According to Niche, you will want to ensure all electronics are unplugged to save energy. Check everything from your television to your miniature fridge (which only houses pop, right?) In addition, unplugging will decrease the risk of fires occurring in the building, as a small spark may ignite a blaze resulting in substantial damage to the entire building.

You will also want to turn down the heat in your room, but do not turn it all the way off as it may lead to frozen pipes, which would result in major issues upon your return.

Take out Your Trash and Anything You Are Not Supposed to Have

Avoid returning home to a funky-smelling dorm room by joining forces with your roommates and removing any garbage or perishables you might be keeping in the room. Make sure to double-check your fridge for leftover food or drinks as well, and dispose of them properly.

If you happen to have any items that aren’t allowed in the dorm room, such as candles or portable grills, make sure to remove them from your room. Building managers and resident assistants often go through each room to ensure they are ready for a long winter break. If they uncover any forbidden items, you might come back to a fine or other consequences.

“Avoid returning home to a funky-smelling dorm room by joining forces with your roommates and removing any garbage.”

Decide What to Bring Home

Cengage Brainiac noted you will need to properly pack for your time at home as well. Know what clothes to bring and whether you’ll need any school-related materials for class assignments or preparation.

If you and your family are going on a vacation, be sure to pack the appropriate clothing. A cruise through the Bahamas will require slightly different attire than a weekend dog sledding in northern Minnesota.

Make a list ahead of time to ensure you don’t forget the essentials.

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