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Finding Self Storage Solutions via Video

Finding Self Storage Solutions via Video

So you doing your spring clean out ,and realize that you need more space. You need to start searching for storage space rental in your area, but where do you begin? A good way to start Would be to Google storage space rentals or self storage solutions in your area, and see which ones offer a video tour.In our tech-savvy day in age, most reputable self storage facilities will offer you a video tour. Here is our video for The Storage Inn Self Storage – enjoy!

Animals That Would Benefit from a Storage Space Rental

Self Storage in the Animal World

Ahh, Spring is finally here as evidenced by the squirrels running around my backyard trying to figure out where they hid their acorns last fall. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching hoarders with a bad memory! Maybe I could start a self storage facility for squirrels –  “ Acorns Away”? Well, the truth is that there are many hoarders in the animal world that could probably use a storage space rental at my new facility. Here are the top 10…


The Top 10 Animal Hoarders that Would Benefit from a Storage Space Rental

10 – The Acorn Woodpecker – These birds construct a large communal storage nest to hold food for the whole local woodpecker community.


9 – Camels – Camels store fat in their humps, enough to go 6 months without food or water .


8 – Bees – Bees store their honey in individual hexagon shape cells that make up a beehive – perhaps the original self-storage complex?


7 – Beavers – Beavers live in family groups, and construct large food storage rooms out of branches .


6 – Wildcats – These cats bury small prey like birds and mice, and store larger prey in hollow trees for future consumption.

5 – Moles – Moles build large above ground mounds called fortresses which they fill with worms.


4 – Foxes – Foxes steal other animals eggs and bury them in loose soil for later use.


3 – Badgers – The gangsters of the animal world, badgers just steal from other animals caches, and take it for themselves.


2 – Hamsters –  Due to the lack of salivary glands, hamsters are able to fill their cheeks with an enormous amount of food and keep it dry.  they are able to lug around up ½  of their body volume in food!


Drum roll please !

1 – Squirrels – The number one hoarders in the animal world, squirrels will use hollow trees, holes in the ground, and any number of other areas to store acorns for the winter, thus the term “squirreling away”. Now if we could only get them to eat ginkgo biloba…..

Tips for Renting your Summer Home

Tips for Renting your Summer Home


By Jerry Brown

So you have finally achieved your childhood dream of owning a beach house – congratulations! Now comes the realization that you and your family cannot spend the whole year, or even every weekend at the beach, given your family’s various social and sporting obligations. If you own a second home, it may be time to consider renting the space for profit. You could make some extra money when you are not using the property for your own purposes. According to Kiplinger, many owners of second houses rent the space to alleviate some of the pressure of a second mortgage. Here are some tips for renting your vacation house.
Egg Harbor Township Storage Sapce Rental

The Price is Right

Price appropriately for the time of year. If you have a home where the peak tourist season is during the summer, that’s when you can charge the most money. Check out the local market to get a feel for current rental fees. Lower your price in the off season. If the object is to generate income, a rental at a lower rate is better than no rental at all.

Go Local

Give your renters the “local experience”. Call your local restaurants, marinas, water parks, amusement parks, movie theaters and arcades for discount or free coupons to add to your vacation package.  They will welcome the business and be excited to throw in freebies – anything to get more sales.


Find out about your guests background and interests prior to their stay. You can customize your home to fit their needs. If you are renting to a family with a baby, you may want to provide a crib. Beach towels, suntan lotion and sunburn ointment is a nice touch for a beach house.

Keep it Clean

Research shows that renters, who have a good experience, will return to the same property multiple times. After each rental, you will want to ensure the house is in tip-top condition for either you or the next paying tenants. Ask for recommendations for good cleaning services from your realtor and local acquaintances.

Store your Stuff

When renters pay good money for a place to spend their vacation, they want to feel a sense of (temporary) ownership. Don’t let your personal items get in the way. Rent a storage unit from a local storage facility, and keep your items out of the way while tenants are living in the space. Check with the locals, or other seasonal resident for self-storage suggestions. A good manager will be happy to help you find a unit to fit your needs. Head to the nearest storage space rental location today – Happy Renting!

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