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Self-Storage tips for Bedding

Self-Storage tips for Bedding

Have you ever driven by a self-storage facility and wondered what could be behind those rows  and rows of doors?  More often than not, it is a collection of boxes, Tupperware tubs, furniture, accessories, and bedding. Most of these items are relatively easy to store – stack the boxes, cover the furniture, etc.,  but storing a mattress and box spring can present certain challenges.  Here are some tips to follow when storing mattresses and /or box springs.

Let it Breathe
Give your mattress a good airing out before you put it into storage. Do this by leaving the mattress without any sheets on it for 2 or 3 days.  Mattresses naturally absorb moisture when people sleep on them –  this process will help to prevent mold and mildew while in storage.

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The Big Cover-up
Once your mattress and box spring are aired out,  they should be covered before storing.  Your local self storage facility will most likely have mattress and box spring covers, or boxes available for purchase. Adding an anti moisture product, such as silica packets, or Damp Check,  can help to prevent mold and mildew.

Laying your Bedding to Rest
The ideal way to store a mattress is with it laying flat, but elevated off the ground. This is not always possible, or practical when dealing with the limitations of self storage space.  The next best method is to  place pallets on the floor and sit your mattress and box spring on end, leaning against the wall with his little angle as possible. You may even want to store other items so that they prop your mattress and box spring flat against the wall, or at a 90 degree angle.

If you have any other questions, stop into the office of your local self storage facility. I’m sure that the staff there will be more than happy to help you. Happy storing!


A True Self Storage Pioneer

A True Self Storage Pioneer

Self Storage in Atlantic City | Atlantic County Storage UnitsIt’s easy to jump into a business venture when you know that there is a waiting market, and money to be made – but to have the intestinal fortitude to dip your toes in the water before a concept has been proven, makes one a true pioneer. Rudy Meckel is a pioneer in the self storage industry. When he opened The Storage Inn in Egg Harbor Township in 1979, storage space rentals were unknown to the area. Meckel had already proven himself an entrepreneur. In addition to running his family’s road construction business, he had ventured into real estate by building the Washington Square West office complex in Egg Harbor Township and the Ridgewood Plaza, a retail strip mall in Northfield.

The Storage Inn started out on four acres with four buildings, designed so they could be converted to a flea market should the new business venture fail. Instead, Meckel’s business prospered. The business offered an especially good fit, as it enabled Meckel to keep his road construction employees working during the off-season. Also considered a gentleman farmer, Meckel has always adorned his grounds with a blue and yellow horse carriage or sleigh. He even had the foresight to construct his buildings with extra high ceilings to offer 20% more storage space per unit than the industry standard, and with 45 different sizes to choose from, this is definitely not a “one size fits all” operation. Now The Storage Inn has 900 units with a total of over 100,000 square feet, along with automobile, boat and RV storage spaces. The Storage Inn has even gone “green” by adding solar power to their Egg Harbor Township facility.
In 1997, Meckel added another location by opening The Storage Inn II in Ocean City, NJ. He converted the former Stainton’s Department Store Annex in Ocean City, into three floors of indoor and climate controlled self storage and retail units.

Meckel’s son, Greg Meckel, and his family, run the businesses with him. The family views the storage business as an opportunity to help people. They serve people who find themselves in life’s transitions and those with long-term storage needs. A great resource for small and big businesses alike to expand and organize. They continue to ensure that the facilities offer customers the best in self storage. In addition to low rental prices, both locations offer free move-in truck rental, free porter service (assistance unloading) and climate control. The Storage Inn in Egg Harbor Township even has a resident security manager. The Ocean City the facility offers drive-in bays and indoor units, just blocks from the beach!. Meckel’s future plans include continuing to offer new services, along with a customer service experience that always exceeds expectations.
Stay tuned – who knows what this business pioneer will come up with next…

Tips For Using Self-Storage Facilities During The Winter

 Tips For Using Self-Storage Facilities During The Winter

Make repairs before putting items in storage – people don’t remove items from self-storage facilities until they are ready to use them, at which point repairs are inconvenient and may cost more if you’re in a rush. Take the time to make sure everything is in good condition before it’s stored.

Thoroughly clean items – this is especially important if you’re using storage services for something that is primarily used outdoors. Get rid of any dirt, bugs or moisture before sealing it into Self-Storage Facilities During The Winter.

Use cotton or wool covers – vinyl or plastic tarps can cause damage to your items and lock in moisture. Moving blankets are a better solution for long-term storage.

Consider climate control storage units – some self-storage businesses will offer the option of climate control units that can protect your items from extreme temperatures. If your items can be damaged by the cold, it may be worth the extra investment.Source – https://www.sparefoot.com/self-storage/blog/303-tips-for-using-self-storage-facilities-during-the-winter/

Did you know? Self Storage Facility fun facts

Self Storage Facility Fun Facts

Did You Know that……
The self storage industry has been one of the fastest-growing sectors of the United States commercial real estate industry over the period of the last 40 years?
U.S. self storage facilities employed more than 170,000 persons, or an average of 3.5 employees per facility.
There is 7.3 sq. ft. of self storage space for every man, woman and child in the nation; thus, it is physically possible that every American could stand – all at the same time – under the total canopy of self storage roofing!
Source – International Self Storage Association
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